1. Your order is being X.

A. Proccessed

B. Processing

C. Processed

D. Process

The correct answer is C.

A. is grammatically correct, but the spelling is incorrect.

B. is grammatically incorrect, the 3rd form of the word must be used (example: being + done). Also, the word “being” is already indicating continuity, so there is no need to repeat it again.

C. is correct.

D. is grammatically incorrect, the 3rd form of the verb must be used.

The correct and most often used grammatical formula in a case when we want to express that something is “being done”, when we do not know the agent or perhaps we consider it unimportant to mention the agent of the action, because the focus is on the process itself, we use the passive present progressive formula. It can be formed easily by adding the third form of the verb in question after “being”.

Being+3rd form of the verb.


2. I’d like to X a room for three days.

A. Lent

B. Rent

C. Hire

D. Do

The correct answer is B.

A. While lend would be grammatically correct –even if a bit strange and inconsistent with rest of the sentence- lent is both grammatically and stylistically incorrect.

B. Is the correct answer.

C. A room is not a person, someone or something capable of providing any kind of service, so you cannot “hire a room”.

D. Is grammatically incorrect and apart from some very strange ideas basically meaningless.


3. My salary has increased X.

A. Great

B. Lot

C. Very

D. Slightly

The correct answer is D.

A. Grammatically incorrect, great is an adjective, but here we need an adverb, so “greatly” would be correct.

B. Grammatically incorrect, “a lot” would be correct.

C. Grammatically incorrect, “very” is an intensifier (like so or really), it only indicates the volume of the change, not the direction.

D. Is correct.

In sentences like this we want to know the direction of the change, we want to know how did it change, so most of the time instead of an adjective you need to use an adverb.



4. It was a X weekday night.

A. Typical

B. Typically

C. Typicaly

D. Tipical

The correct answer is A.

A. is correct.

B. Is grammatically incorrect.  

C. Is both grammatically incorrect and even misspelled.

D. Is the same as A, therefore grammatically correct, but misspelled.

The question is what kind of night that was, so instead of an adverb(how?)  we should use an adjective(what?) to describe, it was a typical weekday night.


5. My results X disappointing.

A. Is

B. Were

C. Was

D. Been

The correct answer is B.

A. Pay attention to the plural form of result(s). In case of “result” “is” could work, but because of the plural form of result(s), “is” is incorrect.

B. Is correct.

C. Similarly, to A “was” is not correct because of the plural form of result(s) before it.    

D. “Been” is grammatically incorrect, it is missing the word “has” and does not fit into any grammatical rules.


Note:   Is – singular

            Are- plural

            Was- singular

            Were- plural

6. Please X my reservation.





The correct answer is A.

A. Correct.

B. Grammatically incorrect, confirmation is not a verb.

C. Swear, while it is grammatically correct makes the sentence quite meaningless.

D. Same as C, grammatically correct, but it is pretty hard to think any situation where “testify my reservation” could be used.


7. This train will depart X.

A. Fast

B. Quick

C. Shortly

D. Slight

The correct answer is C.

A. Adjective

B. Adjective

C. Adverb

D. Adjective

Pretty much the same problem as number 4, you need to use adverbs instead of adjectives.


8. Are you X to operate this machine?

A. Quality

B. Qualify

C. Quantity

D. Qualified

The correct answer is D.

A. Grammatically incorrect, quality is a noun.

B. Grammatically incorrect, qualify is a verb.

C. Grammatically incorrect and meaningless.

D. Is correct.


In cases when we want to know if someone is capable of doing something or not, mostly we are using adjectives to answer, like qualified.

9. I had to pay a X for speeding.

A. Fine

B. Fined

C. Find

D. Fault

The correct answer is A.

A. Is correct. Fine is a certain amount of money you have to pay in case you broke the law or the rules.

B. Grammatically incorrect. Fined is the simple past tense of the participle “fine”.

C. Find has a completely different meaning and it is a verb, “I have to find my keys!”.

D. Fault is incorrect, you don’t “pay a fault”.

10. Be aware of the mistakes you X.


A. Did

B. Produce

C. Make

D. Making


The correct answer is C.

A. Mistake always goes with the light verb make, not do.

B. You cannot “produce” mistakes.

C. Is correct.

D. Is grammatically incorrect, “you are making” would make sense, but “you” by itself certainly does not.


Note: there are so called “light verbs” in English, which are always making sets with certain nouns and it is somewhat arbitrary, so you will simply have to memorize which light verb goes with which noun, one by one.

Just a few examples:

Give a hug

Take a nap

Do a review

Have a swim


Make a mistake.


11. May I X you some water?

A. Make

B. Produce

C. Hot

D. Offer

The correct answer is D.

A. You cannot make water. You can make tea or coffee, but since water is a natural resource, sadly you cannot “make it”.

B. Same, you cannot even produce water, you may produce “clean” water (here produce indicates the cleaning process itself), but not just pure water.

C. Of course, we have hot water, but the action when you make it hot and the correct answer would be to “heat” water, not to “hot”.

D. Yeah, you can offer some water, even if it may not be the gentlest way to treat your guests, you can certainly do it.


12. She is my X.

A. Colleagues

B. Colleague

C. Collegue

D. College     


The correct answer is B.

A. Is plural, while “she is” certainly indicates that we are talking about one single person.

B. Is correct.

C. Is misspelled, therefore incorrect.

D. Is American English for universities, what would give a strange tone to the sentence…


13. I expect that everything will X soon.

A. Be

B. Done

C. Be done

D. Has done

The correct answer is C.

A. Be by itself doesn't really indicates what the action is, leaving the sentence meaningless. In case, for example “I expect that everything will be soon ok”, “be” alone would be satisfying and the sentence understandable.

B. Grammatically incorrect, the sentence clearly indicates that we are talking about the future, but “will done” does not fit into any grammatical categories.

C. Is correct.

D. Grammatically incorrect. Has done is indicating an action or happening in the past, not in the future “will has done” is absolutely chaotic.



14. It’s been X a year since I moved here.

A. A few

B. Few

C. Close

D. Nearly

The correct answer is D.

A. A few would fit nicely with the plural form of year-years. But not with “year”, not to mention the double “a” before and after “few”.

B. A few is at least 3, but definitely not singular, like “year” is.

C. Close is fine, but grammatically it should be either “close to” or “closely”

D. Is correct and has exactly the same meaning as “closely”


Note: Few is always indicating at least 3.

15. Can you X the picture to the email?


A. Show

B. Attach

C. Bring

D. Plus


The correct answer is B.


A. Is absolutely incorrect. In this sentence “show” would actually mean that you are going to physically show the picture to your email… Which is kind of strange...

B. Is correct

C. Same as A, you are not bringing pictures or anything else to any emails…

D. “Plus”, is decodable, but still not correct. The correct verb would be to “add”.


Note: In case of emails it is almost always “attach”, easier to remember.



16. Have X the hotel yet?

A. Book

B. Buy

C. Booked

D. Reserve


The correct answer is C.


A. Book, the verb itself is correct, but it is not in the correct form. “Have you” is always followed by the 3rd form of the verb, like done, booked, reserved etc.

B. Well, it's a fortunate situation if you are considering buying a hotel, but if you do so please use the correct grammar, the 3rd form of buy is bought.

C. Is correct.

D. Reserve, pretty much the same as A, the verb itself is correct, but it should be “reserved”.


Note: Have you + 3rd form of the verb.


17. He X an interesting background.


A. Has

B. Have

C. Were

D. Am


The correct answer is A.

A. Is correct

B. Is grammatically incorrect, always use “he has” not “he have”.  

C. Is grammatically incorrect, even if in the hard to imagine scenario when a human being is used as a background. Even in that case, it would only make sense somehow with “was”, but definitely not with “were”.

D. Is just completely meaningless on so many levels.


18. If I X you would not say that.


A. Been

B. Can

C. Were

D. Am


The correct answer is C.


A. Is grammatically incorrect and meaningless.

B. Is grammatically incorrect and meaningless.

C. Is correct.

D. Is grammatically incorrect and meaningless.


If I were you I would…

If I were you I would not…

Is a set and actually a pretty useful one, especially when giving advices, so it is better to just simply remember.

If I were you + I would/wouldn`t + verb

19. We X football until late evening.


A. Played

B. Playing

C. Do

D. Did


The correct answer is A.


A. Is correct, it means We(they) played football till late evening.

B. Playing, would also be correct in case if it was “were playing” before.

C. Do, it is very easy we don`t “do football”, but “play football”.

D. Same as C, we don't say “do football” so it means we don’t say “did football” either.


Football (and most of the team sports) are always have the verb “play” in English, while you can “do sports” you cannot “do football” (or basketball or volleyball), but only “play football” (basketball or volleyball).

20. We didn’t talk so X.


A. Lot

B. A lot

C. Great

D. Much


The correct answer is D.


A. Lot technically can be used only for countable nouns.

B. Same reason as A.

C. Great is an adjective, while in this sentence we need to use a determiner/adverb like “much”.

D. Is correct. 

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